Picture of Event: Yuval Cohen - Chamber Jazz Quartet

Yuval Cohen - Chamber Jazz Quartet

Shablul Jazz
Saturday, April 17 2021 at 20:30
Entrance at 19:00
Price 100 ₪

About the event

Yuval Cohen - compositions & Soprano Saxophone
Maya Belzitsman - Cello , Yonatan Voltzok - Trombone
Katia Toobool - Piano

Searching for new horizons motivates the music of saxophonist and composer Yuval Cohen. A leading Israeli Jazz figure, he probes a multitude of worlds, the links and boundaries between them.

His Chamber Jazz synthesizes romantic music, traditional Jazz and Israeli music, in a powerful suite for his Sextet, and expressive music for a Quartet . Strong melodies, varied layers, culminate in a rich complex musical experience.

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